Commercial Operations

Commercial operations departments manage some of the life sciences industry’s most high-risk areas. From speaker programs to product samples, commercial operations departments are tasked with some of the most complicated to manage programs offered by the life sciences industry.

For example, speaker programs are among the most heavily scrutinized activities by government entities today. By their very nature, speaker programs require manufacturers to contract with and compensate various healthcare professionals to deliver these programs.

Similarly, under the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), pharmaceutical manufacturers must ensure that they have policies and procedures in place to manage compliance requirements. The PDMA contains stringent regulations to ensure the proper use and distribution of pharmaceutical samples and to combat drug diversion.

pi advisory understands that programs such as these are often critical for commercial success, but the monitoring and oversight process can be difficult in practice. The pi Advisory team has experience developing real-world solutions that ensure programs such as these remain legally compliant while still allowing business operations to run smoothly.

Pi’s Expert Analysis & Knowledge Report (PEAK Report)

The pi advisory team will provide up to a 2-hour complimentary on-site meeting designed to understand one current problem your company is facing. Based on this meeting, the pi advisory team will provide you with its PEAK Report containing a high-level analysis of the problem and a recommendation or range of recommendations on how to resolve the problem.

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